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Beneath The Inland Sea

Steinar Ellingsen takes us on a journey of his process-based PhD project, The Inland Sea: An Australian Odyssey.

Filmed during a presentation of The Inland Sea at La Trobe University in November 2010.

Camera: Luke S. H. Raggat

The Inland Sea: An Australian Odyssey is an online travel documentary. Over ten weeks in 2008/09 I travelled with a team of three others for 16,000 km through Australia. The impetus for the project was to look for alternative communities in remote, rural and suburban Australia.

Last year  I delivered a presentation that was based around a literature review that explored the theoretical framework of the project, which is best described as an experiment in convergence journalism – by a journalist with a background exclusively in paper.

As The Inland Sea is about to be edited and released as short episodes online over the coming months, this presentation will focus on form and content and background for the online documentary.

Topics to be covered include: online publishing; multimedia journalism on the web; the thematic background for the project; and the bilingual element of the documentary (English/Norwegian).

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Steinar Ellingsen is a journalist and photographer who is working on a practice-based thesis about alternative communities in regional Australian, and teaches for La Trobe’s Journalism program.


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