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Hashtag Friday – #brandAustralia

Carrying on our proud tradition (commenced last week) Upstart presents hashtag Friday, and this week, your job is piss easy: come up with THE phrase that will brand Australia. Get to it, cobbers, and avatrueblueweekend.

It’s hashtag Friday, and our nation has an image issue to sort out. So throw another tweet on the barbie to show that you give a damn. All you need to do is come up with a phrase that can position Australia to the rest of the world. Piece of piss compared to that assignment that really needs another whole weekend spent on it, right? After all, over the other side of the Tasman, didn’t they just add the word “pure” to New Zealand?

So get onto twitter and go to #brandAustralia to see where we’re up to. And don’t forget to add “#brandAustralia” to each of your tweets so that your contribution will count.

And if the term “hashtagging” has you hallucinating, then this should help.

To see the magnificent sum of our efforts last Friday, go to #twittersongtitles

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