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Comedy: Wil Anderson – Wilarious

He’s a vegetarian that won’t make friends with vegetables and he likes to squeeze animals. Those aren't the only reasons Yeliz Selvi became Wil Anderson’s biggest fan last night at the Comedy Theatre.

Wil Anderson’s new comedy Wilarious had its third showing last night for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The charming Australian comedian with his Cheshire cat-like grin was – for lack of a better word – just far too ‘wilarious’ to forget.

And not many words are needed when a single man can talk so much and receive a roar and bellows of laughter in return. Even if he does remind you of his long lost twin brother Adam Hills.

The venue was taken over by backward caps, beanies, business suits and high heels; a maturely diverse audience for a remarkably diverse artist. And they all settled in to witness the only lonely award-winning stand-up comedian, with crippled hips and three cats that can still manage to turn on an audience.

After an awkward affair with a female Russian radiologist and his testicles, a run through Westfield Shopping Centre holding his urine sample and his vulgar likening of a cow to a vending machine (because where does chocolate really come from?), Wil took off on countless tangents including why he would make a terrible parent, admittedly embarrassed that he too does not know why the sky is blue or if rabbits can cry.

There is no question as to why Wil is one of Australia’s most genius comedians, his slick and impromptu intellect is a calling card for rave reviews and fans alike.  And although he can create sounds like those of prehistoric reptiles, Wil is humble and a seemingly down-right nice guy.

What made me surprisingly liken to Wil was not a branch of political satire, but instead a softer edge of character often vacant from other comedians. Wil is crude, but crudely honest. Now and then I should be reminded that I need to be less selfish or that homeless people could make great friends. Honestly, thank you Wil.

He openly supports same-sex equality and just as openly frowns upon discrimination and racism. Though, if it were always up to him, he would prefer to visit his Asian doctor because ‘he would have studied hard at university.’

The self proclaimed ‘Timtamarian’ left me with more than one crude life lesson last night: All the germs in the world cannot be cured with hand sanitizer; we managed fine without it ten years ago. No matter how much you upgrade your life, there will always be a television that is bigger than the one you just purchased, and finally; you will always be saving yourself valuable time when you choose not to make friends with idiots.

Wilarious is showing now until 15 April during this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival. For dates and bookings head to Ticketmaster. Follow his rants on Twitter @Wil_Anderson.

Yeliz Selvi is a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism student at La Trobe University. Yeliz has also completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Media Studies at La Trobe. You can follow her musings and current obsession with Istanbul on Twitter @aintsoserious.


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