Emailing Bad: Buried

20 August 2013

Written by: Liam Quinn

Over the course of the next eight weeks, upstart’s resident would-be meth cooks will be casting an eye over the final episodes of Breaking Bad. Rather than just cooking up another straightforward recap, they’ll give a blow-by-blow account of events while watching each 45-minute block – while trying to stay calm.

It goes without saying, but…SPOILER ALERT!



Liam Quinn: Welcome to week 2 of Emailing Bad. Paddy this has been one of the longest weeks. Are Hank and Walt still staring at each other in the garage? Can Jesse throw me some money?

Enough questions, lets roll.

Paddy Naughtin: Alright, here we go! Episode 2 opens with ol’ Beardy McGee finding literally stacks of Jesse’s money that we saw him so generously giving out in the previous ep.

LQ: Jesse is barely hanging on. The obvious thing would be this is leading to his suicide, but that’s too easy. Something has to kick him back into action.

PN: There was a really beatufiul overhead shot of Jesse aimlessly spinning around on a merry-go-round there. Great cinematography.

LQ: So vacant.

PN: How intense is that stare between Walt and Hank? I’ve got chills already.

LQ: Walt torching those tires. Also, I think we just had a drivers’ mirror stare down.

Skyler is going to have to go full “Carmella” in this diner.

PN: “He’s a monster.” Very accurate description of Walt.

LQ: True, but let’s face it, at this stage Skyler is monster-lite. She’s enabled and allowed Walt’s murder-lurvin’ transformation after Gus’s death. She’s way to deep in this to give anything to Hank.

PN: Upon hearing that Walt’s cancer is back, Skyler is certainly not reacting how she thought she would. Afterall, it was only a few episodes ago that she said she was waiting for the day that he would die.

LQ: She played Hank really well there; man, the White family really has him by the Schrader’s in the past 20 minutes of dialogue, hey?

PN: Poor Hank, he’s trying to do what’s right. It’s just a pity Skyler has sided with Walt.


PN: That’s probably the best bed I’ve seen.

LQ: Amazing. But, the dialogue in that scene in subtly great. Shows the way Walt is officially now the baddest man on the planet – or at least in the ABQ.

PN: I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of Saul. He always manages to add a drop of humour to the scene, without breaking the seriousness of the situation.

LQ: Agree, huge fan. The periphery characters like Saul are superb. Incredibly, Walt didn’t deny “sending Mike to Belize.” He pretty much just copped to his murder; I’d bet Jesse finds out this bit of information.

PN: Walt’s now driving his van out into the middle of the desert. I’m getting de-ja-vu.

LQ: Oh, Hank’s got Marie on the case. Pulling out all those emotional blackmail cards now. Expect tears, Paddy.

PN: And purple. Where ever Marie is, expect plenty of purple. There are the tears you were talking about. That didn’t take long. Marie seems to be more upset at the fact Skyler lied to her than the fact that Walt is a murdering drug lord.

LQ: The way Skyler switched once Marie took Holly feels like a precursor to me. Nothing is more important to her than her children; I wouldn’t be surprised if she killed for them…or at least tried to.  

Look at those eyes, yikes.


LQ: All caps, really?

PN: Sorry, I got lost in the moment.

LQ: Forgiven. Getting back on track though, Walt is doing serious work digging that hole. And, of course, a GPS tracker. Breaking Bad sure does love a its trackers.

PN: Oh, that was clever. Buying a lottery ticket with the GPS numbers on it. I would never have thought of that.

LQ: That is why we could never run a meth ring, Paddy.

I know you mentioned it earlier, but how long ago was it Skyler said she was counting the days until Walt died? Now she’s nursing him on the bathroom floor?

That speech on the bathroom floor is the first time we’ve seen Walter White – Chemistry Teacher in a long long time. Sadly, I think it’ll also be the last. He is Heisenberg now. Walt is dead.

PN: There was an eerie similarity between Walter and Skyler at the end of that scene. In the last episode Walt suggested Hank’s best move would be to “tread lightly”. Skyler believes Walt’s “best move is too stay quiet.”

LQ: Lydia is crazy. She’s gotta be the wildcard from here on out.

PN: You’re not wrong. Her paranoia could see her flip on anyone at anytime.

No wonder the new crystal meth is of poor quality. Look at the setup these guys have got. Amateurs.

LQ: Oh, and now her boyfriend is killing people. But she’s still a businesswoman, has no interest in the seeing the mess left behind all over the desert sand.

PN: Hey Todd! He’s awfully calm for having just participated in a brutal massacre. At least he’s a proper gentleman, escorting Lydia across the body-strewn battlefield.

LQ: It’s the polite thing to do…

PN: Oh it’s Marie again. Lets play spot the purple in this scene.

Actually, we’d run out of time. It’s everywhere.

LQ: Spotted some…

But, that scene sums up why Hank is ultimately doomed for mine. We saw Walter in the future, free and well. That means Hank is no longer in the picture.

PN: Hank makes a good point here. How could he possibly continue his career as a cop, after his own brother-in-law was the leader of an entire drug empire. He’s determined to go out on top though, and put Walt behind bars.

Woah! Did you see that glorious moustache?

LQ: We know that doesn’t happen. New Hampshire and whatnot.

I saw, I worshipped.

PN: I don’t think we’ve ever seen Jesse this disheveled before.

He looks broken.

LQ: Hank thinks he has it here. No way Jesse flips, no way.

Wait, shit. That’s the end?


PN: Sigh. And now we have to wait another week.

It’s only 168 hours though. Look at it that way.

LQ: I’m starting to understand why they say it’s the hardest part.

But, until next Monday Paddy, tread lightly.

PN: I’ll try, Liam.

Liam Quinn is a third-year Bachelor of Journalism student at La Trobe University, and the politics editor of upstart. You can follow him on Twitter: @Quinn_LP

Paddy Naughtin is a third-year Bachelor of Journalism student at La Trobe University, and the sports editor of upstart. You can follow him on Twitter: @PaddyNaughtin

Photo: Twitter – BreakingBadAMC