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The Trail Wrap: Day 26

Talks on Syria, costings and vandalism were the highlights of day 26.

It’s been a few days since we’ve heard about asylum seekers in this campaign, but an advocate brought it back to the fore on day 26.

Speaker Anna Burke’s office had a message for Labor, and perhaps the Coalition as well, saying “free the refugees”.  Well, it was actually written as “fre”, but assume they meant “free”.

But there’s some good news – polling day is now only a week away.


Labor policy announcement

  • Labor will appoint a Minister of Cities, if re-elected.  “Other levels of government are not keeping up,” said Kevin Rudd.

Coalition policy announcement

  • The focus for Tony Abbott was mental health.  He announced he’d allocate $18 million for a national centre for excellence in youth mental health if elect. The money would assist clinical trials to find new treatments for mental illness in young people as well as research into self harm and suicide by young people.

Must read

The ABC’s Barrie Cassidy has outlined what he sees will be the tasks and challenges for both Labor and the Coalition post-September 7.

Quote of the day

Granted, this campaign has at times been a battle for the public, but this sort of thing is beyond excusable.

Rather than throwing stones, perhaps these petty vandals could work to try and improve the political environment.

Tweet of the day

Outgoing independent MP, Rob Oakeshott, reveals some of the advantages of no longer wishing to be in public life.

Slip of the day

Remember Jaymes Diaz, the Liberal candidate in the seat of Greenway who couldn’t name the Coalition’s six-point “Real Solutions” plan?

Well, he’s back. is reporting that a local, Andrew Jaffrey, said Mr Diaz refused to answer questions from him at St Martins Village Shops in Blacktown.

Apparently Mr Jaffrey had approached Mr Diaz anonymously as a constituent wanting to know about his plans for the area.

Here’s how the conversation took shape, according to

According to Mr Jaffrey, the conversation began when he asked Mr Diaz about a forum at Blacktown RSL earlier this week.

Mr Jaffrey said: “What were your reasons for not going to the community forum?”

Mr Diaz said: “I’ve answered that question.”

Mr Jaffrey said: “But I’ve only just asked you.”

Mr Diaz said: “I’ve answered.”

Mr Jaffrey said a minder then intervened, saying “we’re not answering any more questions at this time.”

Mr Jaffrey said: “You haven’t answered any.”

Mr Diaz said: “I’m here for families.”

Wrap by Liam Quinn and Erdem Koç. Follow them and send them tips on Twitter – @Quinn_LP and@erdemkoc

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