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The Trail Wrap: Day 28

The newspapers' endorsements begun on day 28 as we enter the final week, while Kevin Rudd launched Labor's official campaign which many claim is already dead.

It’s convention that in the last week of election campaigning, newspapers will begin to endorse one candidate.

Here’s the front page of the The Daily Telegraph on Sunday:


And with a week to go until polling day, Labor finally launched its campaign.


Labor policy announcement

  • Kevin Rudd used his campaign launch to announce a re-elected Labor government would: a $4.4 billion immediate tax break for small business, a requirement of Australian industry participation for any project worth more than $300 million; an increase in cash grants for apprentices; direct Commonwealth funding to TAFE colleges if states don’t promise to maintain and grow their funding to TAFEs by 1 July 2014 and if that doesn’t work, then Labor would nationalise the TAFE system by 2015;

Coalition policy announcement

  • Tony Abbott told the ABC’s Insiders program that he’ll release the Coalition’s costings by Thursday – that’s 36-48 hours before polling day.

Must read

Here’s a fantastic cartoon which depicts what most punters are thinking this election:


Quote of the day

This goes to Kevin Rudd, who again attacked the supposed cuts planned by an Abbott government.

Mr Rudd said cuts are in the Liberal Party’s DNA, and one only needs to look to Queensland to see how that’s the case.

Said Mr Rudd, at the campaign launch: “Campbell Newman is the entree and with Tony Abbott you get the main course.”

Tweet of the day

Therese Rein had the task of introducing her husband, the prime minister, Kevin Rudd, at the Labor Party launch.  Standing ovations are usually are common thing at these events, and Ms Rein received one.

To which, this often-funny tweeter had something to say.


Slip of the day

When asked what his foreign policy credentials were in his interview with Insiders, Tony Abbott said he had enough to be PM.

Except perhaps when he described the situation in Syria against the “baddies versus the baddies”.

Finance Minister Penny Wong was quick to pick up on that, saying: “Can you imagine him at the G20? ‘Barack, it’s baddies versus baddies’.”

No. No we can’t.

Wrap by Liam Quinn and Erdem Koç. Follow them and send them tips on Twitter – @Quinn_LP and @erdemkoc

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