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The Trail Wrap: Day 29

Both leaders had big media commitments on the day which started the last week of the campaign.

Remember when Tony Abbott had said the next election would be a referendum on the carbon tax?

And remember how we all thought that was dead when Kevin Rudd killed the carbon tax? Well, apparently not. In a speech in Canberra on Day 29, Mr Abbott said Saturday would be that exact referendum.


Labor policy announcement

  • Mr Rudd said if he is re elected he will examine the cuts to the single parent payment as soon as the budget allows.

Coalition policy announcement

  • Mr Abbott said he’d drop the Coalition’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets if they turned out to be more costly than originally thought.

Must read

There are two “must watch” items today – and they’re from both leaders!

See Tony Abbott on 7:30, and Kevin Rudd on Q&A.

Quote of the day

Mr Rudd was campaigning in Queensland, and when visiting a high school, he saluted his comrades.

“Solidarity for all nerds.”

Tweet of the day

A light-hearted tweet from the man who really wants to be prime minister.

For the record, we agree with this tweet.


Slip of the day

We understand the leaders must be really tired by this point, but luckily, the end is near, and if the polls are right, then we’ll have an incoming Howard gover – sorry, Abbott government.

Wrap by Liam Quinn and Erdem Koç. Follow them and send them tips on Twitter – @Quinn_LP and @erdemkoc

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