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The Trail Wrap: Day 31

Tony Abbott's kitchen prowess wasn't enough to take attention away from an ill-advised pamphlet in Indi on day 31.

Day 31 was marred by a massive slip and a kitchen cook-off, rather than any policy as such – see below.



Labor policy announcement

  • No new policy from Labor, but a lot of Abbott-attacking.

Coalition policy announcement

  • Tony Abbott campaigned in (surprise, surprise) western Sydney.  Accompanied by Coalition spokeswoman for Seniors, Bronwyn Bishop, announced a measure to boost the participation of mature-aged workers in the workforce.

Must read

Think we’ve seen all the dirty campaigning possible so far this campaign?

Well, according to this piece in The Conversation, the worst might be yet to come.

Quote of the day

Apparently the Big Brother housemates get their own direct “vote for me” pitches from the leaders, which included this line: “If you want to know who to vote for, I’m the guy with the not bad-looking daughters …”

Tweet of the day


Those ABC gals stick together it seems.

After Annabel Crabb’s much-hyped kitchen tell-all with Tony Abbott aired, Leigh Sales took to Twitter to spew praise forth into the cyber-ether.

All jokes aside, it was a fascinating interview. Although, learning that Abbott likes his steak rare was hardly a surprise.

Slip of the day

There’s always a pamphlet in an election campaign that seems to cause controversy – anyone remember the Lindsay leaflet scandal in ’07?

An anti-same-sex marriage pamphlet featuring a child who says “I need a mum and a dad” has been distributed in the seat of Indi, held by Liberal frontbencher Sophie Mirabella since 2001.

Wrap by Liam Quinn and Erdem Koç. Follow them and send them tips on Twitter – @Quinn_LP and@erdemkoc

Photo: Twitter – Tony Abbott

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