The Trail Wrap: Day Eight

13 August 2013

Written by: Erdem Koc

The Daily Telegraph’s front page said it all on the eighth day of the campaign.


Labor policy announcement

  • No new policy announced today, but Kevin Rudd did spend most of his day defending his use of notes.

Coalition policy announcement

  • Tony Abbott announced that a Coalition government would spend some money fixing up the nation’s roads.

Must read

Mungo MacCallum has written a great piece analysing Sunday night’s debate, saying it had no passion and no real conviction – something we agree with.

Quote of the day

Tony Abbott was quiet on the criticism Kevin Rudd faced for using notes in Sunday night’s debate – something which wasn’t allowed, but something apparently no one told the PM.



Abbott decided he wasn’t going to make the use of the notes too big of an issue, but instead attack its contents.

“The problem with the Prime Minister last night was not that he was reading from notes, it was more that the notes weren’t worth reading, that was the problem last night.”

Tweet of the day



Shadow Health Minister, Peter Dutton, provided some genuinely quite well constructed humour today. He took a sly twitter swipe at the PM’s follicle issues.

Rudd’s hair has sure received a lot of backlash this campaign, suggesting that we as a nation are capable of making petty remarks about the appearance of both genders, thank you very much.

Dutton’s tweet really has it all: comical imagery, pop-culture reference, self-deprecatory hashtag. Not everyone appreciated his digital wordsmithery though.

– Do you have a health policy yet @PeterDutton_MP – @SimonBanksHB
– Is that your main concern as Shadow Health Minister? Wow! – @TheKouk

But, I would like to say, on behalf of people who have to trawl through a feed of dry policy snippets and sausage sizzle observations, thank you Mr. Dutton.

— Kimberley Thomson

Slip of the day

Christopher Pyne takes out of “Slip of the Day” honours on Day Eight, for a somewhat laughable comparison he attempted to draw between the current government and another nation.

During ABC’s QandA, Pyne compared Kevin Rudd’s Australia to North Korea, resulting in the live audience cackling away at the link.

This one might’ve been a bridge too far, Chris.

Wrap by Liam Quinn and Erdem Koç. Follow them and send them tips on Twitter – @Quinn_LP and @erdemkoc.

Photo: Twitter – Yahoo7News