Upstart in the USA

5 March 2010

Written by: Lawrie Zion

A few months ago, the US-based Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication(AEJMC) invited me to write a piece for one of their newsletters about the development of upstart, so that American members of the association might get an insight into some of the strategies we’ve developed in journalism in Australia. The AEJMC is one of the peak bodies for media and journalism education in America.  

The article I wrote was published this week in the  March 2010 issue of Scholastic Source, which is the newsletter of the AEJMC’s Scholastic Journalism Division. The article, the PDF of which you can find  here, is at attempt to provide an overview of the origins of the upstart concept, the journey we’ve taken so far, and how we hope the publication will evolve during 2010 and beyond.

Lawrie Zion