Infographic: Clubs at the World Cup

25 June 2014

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For most footballers, there is no greater honour than being selected to play for your national team at the World Cup.

But after the glamour and excitement of Brazil, the majority of players will return to Europe once again to represent their clubs when the league season starts up again.

But which club is the most represented at Brazil 2014?

A look at the stats reveals that Chelsea has had 15 of their contracted players play for their national team in the first 32 matches in Brazil.

Interestingly, Manchester City, who won the 2013/2014 English Premier League, has 10 less internationals than Chelsea and four less than Manchester United, who finished seventh last season.

Unsurprisingly, the English Premier League can boast the most amount of international players at the World Cup, with almost double that of the German Bundesliga or Spain’s La Liga.

But looking at the final stages of the UEFA Champions League back in May this year, only two of the quarter finalists were from England (Manchester United and Chelsea), with three Spanish (Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and the champions, Real Madrid), two German (Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund) and one French team (Paris Saint-Germain) being ranked as the strongest in Europe.

The strength of Bundesliga team Bayern Munich cannot be underestimated, as seven of their signed players have represented Germany so far.

Of the 508 players who took the field in the first two group matches of each team at the World Cup, an incredible 215 clubs were represented from 47 different leagues around the world.

This infographic represents exactly how each club is represented in Brazil:

World Cup Clubs
Jake Stevens is a second-year Bachelor of Journalism (Sport) student at La Trobe University.