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World Cup

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The Final Score – Episode 6

The Final Score is back with some heated discussion about Nick Kyrgios and his most recent antics at the U.S. Open. Ryan, Joel, Josh, Rudi

Australia catches The Golden Snitch

Australia has a new world champion. The Australian Dropbears claimed gold at the Quidditch World Cup in Frankfurt, Germany last week. The sport of Quidditch

Youth the future for Socceroos

Following the Socceroos’ success against Tajikistan, David Allegretti examines the men that will carry the nation to World Cup success.

Socceroos’ road to to Russia

Ahead of tonight’s qualifying match against Tajikistan, David Allegretti explains how the Socceroos will qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

A culture of success

The end of Germany’s World Cup drought caps off a year of its players overcoming mental hurdles, writes Riley Beveridge.

World Cupstart Review: Day 32

Germany have been crowned World Cup champions following a tense final and, according to Riley Beveridge, no one deserves it more.

World Cupstart Review: Day 31

Riley Beveridge previews the 2014 FIFA World Cup final between Germany and Argentina in his penultimate daily review.

World Cupstart Review: Day 30

Argentina are reliant on Lionel Messi, just not in the way many might have expected, writes Riley Beveridge.

World Cupstart Review: Day 29

Riley Beveridge takes a tactical look at a German side on the verge of their fourth World Cup title.

The immovable object

German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is fast becoming the most influential player at this year’s World Cup, writes Jordan Witte.

Defence first

Despite it being far from pretty, Luke Sale says Argentina’s road to the Maracana has to be admired.

World Cupstart Review: Day 28

Argentina set up a World Cup final against Germany after they held their nerve from the spot against the Netherlands, writes Riley Beveridge.

Suspending FIFA’s suspension rules

Evan Young believes that FIFA must drastically alter its rules regarding suspensions to ensure the best players feature in the World Cup.

World Cupstart Review: Day 27

Riley Beveridge tries to comprehend the magnitude of Germany’s 7-1 semi final victory over Brazil in his daily wrap of the World Cup.

World Cupstart Review: Day 26

Does the 2014 FIFA World Cup represent a European team’s best chance of claiming a first title in Latin America? Riley Beveridge thinks so.

World Cupstart Review: Day 25

Riley Beveridge analyses whether Brazil can still win the World Cup without their star and idol, Neymar.