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Welcome to the blogosphere

A big welcome to the 200 new bloggers who have set up sites in the last week as part of a first-year journalism assignment at La Trobe University. And check out the every-growing #TEJ2013 blog roll.

The blogosphere has ballooned quite a bit during the last month, thanks to the launch of more than 200 sites launched by students in  a new first year subject at La Trobe University called The Emerging Journalist, which I happen to be coordinating.

For one of their assignments, everyone is required set up a blog on a subject that they feel passionate about, and to curate a Twitter list that will function as a news feed for the blog.

The rationale behind this is pretty straightforward. Nobody hires a journalist without a publishing track record and social media skills, and there’s no doubt that students who embrace this in their first semester at university are going to be better placed to develop a portfolio that will attract prospective employers.

Blogging is a great way to start, as well as providing a way build a personal brand. As the University of British Columbia’s Alfred Hermida puts in an article entitled “Budding journalists use Twitter, blogs to open doors” : “Not only does writing on a regular schedule make you smarter, it also shows spirit and attitude and a thirst for learning and sharing. Just about every news editor I talked to now expects a journalism student to have blogged.”

Cobba cropped screen shot


The list below (which I’ll keep updating as new blogs are posted) traverses a huge range of topics on everything from folk music, to media, politics, sport, food, life at university, videogames, the financial crisis in Cyprus. And there’s an infographics and stats site, a screen shot of which you can see just above.

If you’re new to blogging yourself, check these out, follow the ones that you like by signing up for email updates, and join the conversation about them on Twitter by using the #TEJ2013 hashtag.

Lawrie Zion

The List So Far

Cobba’s Infographics and Stats  – by Jake “Cobba” Stevens

The Freak Kingdom  – Kimberley Thomson

Print’s Not Dead – Kelly Greenhalgh

Competitor Number One – Rikki-Lee Burley

Political Delirium – Maggie Triantafillou

Info-DJ – Jodie Symonds

One Fair City – Erin Leeder

Ethan’s Wonderblog – Ethan Miller

Aussie Cheer – Tegan Azar

Not So Trendy Teen Trends – Liam Hooper

Little Lunch – Michelle Brown

Soundly Alternative – Joel Hargreaves

The Young Roos – Ahmed Yussuf

Football Victoria’s Ethnic Contingent – Vito Dorio

Media Queens – Joely Mitchell

Behind the Glory – Ben Cuzzupe

Une Belle Reve – Cecilia Distefano

The Band Enthusiast – Nisa Ates

No Permanent Address – Janine Buenconsejo

White Line Fever – Johaan Forbes-Anthony

Fitzroy Folk – Katherine Arditto

The Artist Orchid – Cate Snedden

Pre-game Introductions – Adrian Gonnella

Bethany J Mac: Women&Music – Bethany McAuliffe

Confessions of a Movie Addict – Raquel Gubroail

Why Zelda is Awesome – Nicola Guarro

The youth-challenged – Matt Goss

Best Served With Milk – Ronny Zeng

LTU Journalism for Beginners – Rebecca Tedesco

Gear up. Game on! – Mohammad Safar

Allow me to remind you … -– Jordan Vu-Abouzeid

The Forward Press – Michael Itsou

Eating Out of Garbage Bins – Nat Kessel

Creating, Playing and Living the Music – Alee Goodrich

Soundtrack Of My Generation – Ash La Rocca

Gym Rat Culture – Omar Aldabel

Young Guns of Aussie Men’s Tennis – Gayanthi Goonewardane

Miley Cyprus – Erin Cook

Nineteen Treasures – Johanna Brasier

melbournerescue – Darcy Gilligan

The True AFL Ladder – Josh Barnes

NBC – Ashley Apap

Beside the Point – Chris Hearn

A Tactical Insight – Sam Quinn

Inspirational Community – Aseel Sammak

The Band Enthusiast – Nisa Ates

Insane in the Complain – Sasha Dougherty

The Things I Wish I Knew – Ashlee Schultz

F1 – The Other Guys – Josh Kruse

High School to Pro – Damian Hilton

Masterdating – Ewa Staszewska

The Territory Issue – Liam Brockett

Multis, Multis, Multis! – Stefan Petrovic

Life through a Sporting Lens – Daniel Bramley

Festival Heads – Emma Thompson

Kiandral’s Blog – Kiandra Lane

Keeping it Wheel – Evan Rowe

Defending Success – Aaron Theckston

Behind the Counter – Caitlin McArthur

Raw Blend – Maddison Stafford

Obsession of 90s entertainment – Rebecca Zakkour

A Blog about Nothing – David Tracey

Journalisticality – Joseph Tatra

Down for the Count – Adam Hill

The Happy Diaries – Lauren Joy

At Lacrosse Roads – Lachlan Williams

The Norwegian Perspective – Susanne Osthus

Behind the Tennis – Melissa Thompson

Off the Rails – everything horse racing – Tom Gilmour

Support for Sport – Daniel Shandler

Vlogspose – Taylah Burrows

Skeptical Gamer – Michael Martino

NBA’s Up and Coming Teams and Talent – Nathan Weatherhead

Being a Black Muslim Teenaged Girl – Ayan Moussa

Emerging Athletes, Emerging Fans – Alyssia Varricchio

The Musical Underdog – Phoebe Robertson

AFL Off the Field – Nadine Rabah

Red Zone NFL – Eliot Bingham

Under-Radared – Matthew Santini

Centre Half Back – Lauren Bordin

Sucky of Starry Sequels – Indiana Muir

Australia’s Game – Mustapha Taha

Melbourne Minds – Eden Farrugia

Down and Out of Tofu – Dhruva Horsfall

Welcome to the League of Slugmeister – Sam Hughes

Fitzroy Football Club – Mike Lee

Take Five – Meghan Weiley

Buoyant Youth – Chantelle Boucher

Luxe for Less – Michaela Prendergast

Life of an Aussie WWE Nerd – Kristina Egger

The Other Side – Stephanie Atkins

Graffiti Sam – Samantha Young

LukeZammit94 – Luke Zammit

More to come …

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