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Nick Kyrgios

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The Final Score – Episode 6

The Final Score is back with some heated discussion about Nick Kyrgios and his most recent antics at the U.S. Open. Ryan, Joel, Josh, Rudi

The Final Score episode 2

Tune in to The Final Score where Val, Ryan, Joel, Rudi and Josh talk about the Olympics and gold medalist Mack Horton, AFL, NRL, Cricket

Break Point episode 16

Break Point is back to cover the business end of the Australian Open.

Legal implications of sledging

Nick Kyrgios’ sledge has drawn widespread condemnation, but could it also attract a lawsuit? asks David Kennedy.

ITPL set for 2014 debut

The recent formation of the International Tennis Premier League draws on cricket’s successful Twenty20 IPL, but its scheduling could be concerning, writes Sean Munaweera.