upstart’s election night coverage

3 September 2013

Written by: Erdem Koc

This Saturday, 14 million Australians are expected to vote in the 2013 federal election.

upstart will continue its election coverage with a live online broadcast from 7pm on election night.

Join the broadcast, hosted by upstart’s current political editor, Liam Quinn, and former political editor Eric George, live on upstart to hear news and analysis as election night unfolds.

Throughout the evening, will be joined by: ABC Insiders host Barrie Cassidy, former senior press secretary to Kevin Rudd, Lachlan Harris, New Matilda‘s Ben Eltham and the Institute of Public Affair’s Tim Wilson.

We’ll also hear from Vice-Chancellor of La Trobe University, Professor John DewarThe Age senior journalist Daniel Flitton, former Julia Gillard staffer Nicolas Reece, and more.



We’ll also be tweeting throughout the evening, so be sure to follow us @upstartmagazine, and join in the conversation here: #upstart

Meanwhile, meet our dedicated election team who’ll be bringing you our election night broadcast live:

Tahlia McPhersonTahlia Mcpherson, executive producer






Liam QuinnTHUMB

Liam Quinn, presenter






Eric GeorgeTHUMBEric George, presenter






Chris MullarveyTHUMBChris Mullarvey, panel operator






Bridget RollasonTHUMBBridget Rollason, producer/segment contributor






Adria De FazioTHUMBAdria De Fazio, producer/segment contributor






Paddy NaughtinTHUMB

Paddy Naughtin, producer






Kathleen O’Connor, producer

Kimberley Thomson, social media coordinator


We’ll also have a dedicated team of La Trobe University staff working throughout the evening, including: Steinar Ellingsen (programming manager), Marcus de Rijk (online producer), Margaret Purdam (panel operator) and Ian Armet (programming committee head).