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Australia Day

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A Brit’s Un-Australia Day

As Australia Day draws near and Aussies around the nation prepare for a round of ‘Advance Australia Fair’, Tara Watson reveals why she finds it difficult to match their enthusiasm.

A city wakes up

What does Australia Day mean to you?

Call me un-Australian but …

In our third in a series of personal reflections about Australia Day, Matt de Neef raises some questions about the meaning of January 26, and the way it’s been covered in the media.

Advance Australia Fair with a Turkish twist

Australia Day; it’s all about beaches, barbecues and beverages. But for Nisa Terzi, amongst all that green and gold, January 26 is also a day of Turkish delights.

Flying the flag

For some it’s a chance to celebrate who we are as a nation, while for others it is purely circled on the calendar as a public holiday. As Australia Day approaches, Sam Drummond argues that January 26 might just be more than another day off.