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Peter Capaldi, Doctor New

upstart’s biggest Whovians, Tom Midwood and Paddy Naughtin, run the rule over the latest actor to portray Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi.

Emerging media the key for emerging journos

The significance of social media in journalism has recently grown. Media organisations are now tossing traditional journalism aside and embracing the new age mediums, writes Ivana Krsteska.

50 Interviews: I’m not Jewish

TV presenter Louis Theroux finds himself in a tense situation while interviewing ‘Skip’, a hostile American neo-Nazi, as part of the 2003 BBC documentary ‘Louis and the Nazis’, writes Sam McInerney.

Television: entertainer, teacher and friend.

As the BBC celebrates the 80th anniversary of its first experimental television broadcast, Chani Unger reflects on television’s past and where it is today.

50 Interviews – ‘Just wrap it up’

A seemingly straight-forward television interview quickly turned into a frosty confrontation between world famous talk show host Sir Michael Parkinson and American actress Meg Ryan, selected by Tom Midwood for our ’50 Interviews’ project.

TV Review — Come Fly With Me

The Little Britain boys are back with their new entertaining production Come Fly With Me that leaves no boundary untouched, and no stereotype avoided, says Brendan Lucas.

Interview with Jeff Sparrow, editor of Overland

Founded in 1954, Overland, which is celebrating its 200th issue, describes itself as ‘the most radical of Australia’s long-standing literary and cultural magazines’. Madeleine Barwick talks to current editor Jeff Sparrow.

100 articles – ‘The Absence of Trust’

James Murdoch’s 2009 speech at the Edinburgh International Television Festival affirmed his belief in markets, while criticising the ambitions of Britain’s state-funded broadcaster, the BBC. Chris McNamara has nominated the speech as one of the ‘100 articles’ that every journalist should read about journalism.

Bilderberg 2010 begins. What’s Bilderberg you ask?

It’s a meeting of the Who’s Who of the world’s rich and powerful, but the press aren’t welcome. Cyber-binoculars in hand, Glen Clancy climbs up a cyber-ladder and peers over the cyber-hedge to see what all the fuss is about with Bilderberg — and why it’s not in the headlines.