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50 Interviews: Defending a 26-year legacy

Sir Alex Ferguson is made to work hard to defend his marvellous legacy at Manchester United in this interview selected by Luke Karlik for our ’50 Interviews’ project.

50 Interviews: Postecoglou’s turning point

Young Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglou walks away with his reputation in tatters following a disastrous interview, selected by Andrew Dimopoulos for our ’50 Interviews’ project.

50 Interviews – An intimate affair

Speaking with Andrew Denton on Enough Rope, Richard E. Grant subtly reverses roles and momentarily becomes the interviewer, in this interview selected by Ewa Staszewska for our 50 Interviews project.

50 Interviews – Life isn’t permanent

Family issues were on the agenda when brothers Barry and Robin Gibb spoke to The Telegraph’s Neil McCormick on the 50th anniversary of the Bee Gees’ first performance, writes Lauren Bordin.

50 Interviews – Forever the King of Pop

In what became one of history’s most-watched interviews, Martin Bashir is given a rare opportunity to delve into the life of one of the world’s most infamous figures, Michael Jackson, writes Bess Zewdie.

50 Interviews– You’re an unbelievably stupid man

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Massacre, CNN’s Piers Morgan and Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt go for each other’s throats, in this interview selected by Will Vero for our 50 Interviews project.

50 Interviews – A jovial repartee

Fast-talking comedian and actor Robin Williams slows down for a moment to tell The 7:30 Report’s Kerry O’Brien about his career and eventful life behind the scenes, writes Susannah Woolley.

50 Interviews– A private battle

Confessed gambling addict and former Melbourne footballer Daniel Ward reveals just how close he was to ending it all in a compelling interview with the Herald Sun’s Mark Robinson, writes Ben Rowles.

50 Interviews – One confused politician

The normally ebullient former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin struggles to explain her foreign policy credentials with CBS’s Katie Couric that fatally damaged her political career, writes Eric George.

50 Interviews: I’m not Jewish

TV presenter Louis Theroux finds himself in a tense situation while interviewing ‘Skip’, a hostile American neo-Nazi, as part of the 2003 BBC documentary ‘Louis and the Nazis’, writes Sam McInerney.