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Pouring coffees into works of art

Naim Kurt speaks to the Australian latte art champion, Rie Moustakas on the growing latte art scene and her career as a barista.

Competitive grind

Coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s a lifestyle. Madeleine Rice delves into the heated competition at MICE 2013 to find the world’s best barista.

Caffeine overload

It might be time to put that latte down, with a new study uncovering considerable dangers to too much coffee, reports Kathleen O’Connor.

Charitable caffeine

Stephanie Azzopardi investigates how Melbourne is sharing its caffeine habit, paying a little extra to help the less fortunate.

Coffee for everybody?

For the daily coffee drinker, the coffee-revolution can be intimidating. Dan Toomey lines up, grinds, boils, siphons and pours over the coffee explosion in Melbourne.

Kids and coffee

It’s often frowned upon to see a young child drinking a latte. But as Meghan Lodwick writes, coffee may not be as bad for kids as once thought.

Fuelled by coffee

The more coffee we drink, the more trash we make. Disposable cups are not the only recyclable items in a cafe, as Meghan Lodwick writes, there is more than one way to reuse wasted grounds.

Starbucks back on top?

Not being able to crack the specialty coffee market has made Starbucks suffer over the years. Yet, as Meghan Lodwick writes, the coffee company may have found a new niche to put it back on top.

Unstimulated, on the radio

A week without caffeine has created a buzz. Meghan Lodwick tells the tale of her interview on ABC Radio Adelaide with Carole Whitelock.

An unstimulating week

Until this week, Meghan Lodwick was having eight shots of espresso a day. Now she’s going ‘cold turkey’ and sharing the experience. Could you go a week without coffee?

Australian made coffee

In the 19th century Australian coffee used to win international awards. These days, few of us drink it. Meghan Lodwick believes it’s time that changed.