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Goodrem slams tabloids

Delta Goodrem criticised Woman’s Day for making false accusations. Joely Mitchell asks if tabloids should be fact checking information.

Explainer: Defamation damages

Jess Lorenzetto explains what awaits journalists if successfully sued for defamation in Australian civil law.

Explainer: Defending defamation

Stephanie Rocca explains how a journalist could employ a defence to defamation to transform potentially defamatory material into a publishable report.

Social media: a journalist’s friend or foe?

As the social media frenzy continues unabated, are journalists leaning too heavily on online sources? Giulio Di Giorgio chats with veteran public affairs educator and consultant Don Bates to find out.

You got served…(now write about it)

Is the MEAA Code of Ethics too general for restaurant reviewers? Lisa Rosman talks to Ed Charles, food journalist and blogger extraordinaire about the tricks of the trade and the ethics of reviewing food.