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Junk food junkies

We all know it’s bad for us, so why do we still eat it? Kevin Cheong explores junk food and its psychological effects.

Tecoma’s tussle

Protestors claim nine out of 10 locals are against McDonald’s proposed store in Tecoma. Matt Calvitto says this figure may be misleading.

Battling May Bomb

Has the university lifestyle transformed your FatBooth shot into a reality? Hannah Rabe talks goon, Mi Goreng and the encumbering nature of on campus living.

Healthy fast food?

With Australia’s obesity rate on the rise, Bridget Rollason investigates the state of our ‘healthy’ fast-food industry.

Fast Food Nation: Review

Why do we eat fast food when we know it is bad for us? In the latest addition to our list of #topjournobooks, Sarah Dailey examines Eric Schlosser’s golden arches exposé ‘Fast Food Nation’.