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The financial side of death

We often stress about the cost of living, but perhaps we should be putting savings aside for the cost of death too, writes Joely Mitchell.

Bitcoin’s musical potential

Forms of crypto currency like Bitcoin have strong potential in the music industry, writes Meaghan Weiley.

Myths of the music industry

The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle is not as lavish and carefree as Hollywood would have you believe, writes Meaghan Weiley.

Football’s new royalty

AS Monaco’s promotion to Ligue 1, and pending signing of Radamel Falcao, shows the small club means business writes Paddy Naughtin.

The world’s richest game

Watford and Crystal Palace will compete for football’s biggest jackpot on Tuesday morning, writes Paddy Naughtin.

Uni’s over, time to get down to business

For many students finishing their degrees at the end of the semester, what happens after graduation is still a mystery. One such student decided he wanted to take a risk and start his own business, writes Christina Lovrecz.

Making money from blogging

Is there money in blogging? Can you make a living out of it? Matt de Neef asks these questions and more as he speaks with professional blogger Jaime McDougall.

The price of freedom …

Can Western society be transformed? Matt de Neef ponders one utopian vision of the future known as The Venus Project.