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Getting Girls to Graduation

She’s the First is changing the world of girls education, one scholarship at a time, Katherine McLeod writes.

Raising our egos for ALS

Ice bucket challenges continue to pop up on the internet, highlighting the narcissism deeply rooted in all of us, writes Philippe Perez.

Good Friday, great idea

The Melbourne Rebels may be leading the way for sport on Good Friday. Nick Schomburgk explains how.

Where does the giving end?

The good work of charities should not be denied, but Chani Unger questions the ways these organisations fundraise and when it all gets a bit too much.

Sponsor a town

Sponsor a child? Why not sponsor a town instead? Paul Purcell explores the benefits of sponsorship on a larger scale.

Gambling with charity

Federal independent MP Andrew Wilkie’s gambling reforms will take money away from clubs and from the sponsorship of local charities and civil works, argues Terry Dionysopoulos.

70 films in 7 days

Thursday, 15 October, 2009 – A Melbourne filmmaker has combined his love of films, and a cause very dear to his heart, to raise money for charity. Shane Dunlop plans the Herculean feat of watching 70 films in 7 days, all in the name of brain injury support services. Kim Hellard and Liana Neri report.