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Homeless need tampons

Food, clothes and shelter are essentials for any person. Erica Jolly discusses the hidden struggles of homeless women.

Lending a helping hand

Community Outreach volunteers spent their weekend renovating Youth Project’s CBD centre. Ivana Krsteska finds out why.

Australia’s Big Issue

We all witness it, yet ignore it for the most part. Laura Buyers says it’s time for Australians to get real about tackling poverty in our own backyard.

Homeless helping hand

Homelessness remains a sad reality for thousands of Australians every night. Rebecca Todesco explores the charitable work being done be Melbourne City Mission to help the disadvantaged youth.

The power of soccer

As our Street Socceroos prepare to fly over to Paris for this year’s Homeless World Cup, coach George Halkias is relishing the challenges of his role, writes Giulio Di Giorgio.