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South Australia

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Sting in the Scorpions’ tail

Davis Harrigan speaks to South Australia Scorpions captain Lauren Ebsary ahead of the women’s state cricket season.

Labor’s undercover labourer

Senator Anne McEwen continues to represent the values of South Australia through her efforts to preserve the environment and people’s welfare, writes Julian Gasparri.

Ruston’s rosy outlook

South Australian Senator Anne Ruston continues to champion our agricultural industries, writes Lachlan McKenna.

Outback Australia’s MP

Rowan Ramsey is one of few politicians putting education and employment for indigenous communities at the forefront of his electorate, writes Tara Watson.

Daylight savings- a savings of what?

As the nights become colder and the days become shorter, Simone McInnes looks at the legitimacy of the concepts behind daylight savings.