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Animals get depressed too

Like humans, animals have the capacity to experience depression, writes Lucille Sadek.

Are you okay?

With over 65,000 suicide attempts annually, thousands of families are facing losses of loved ones, writes Taylah Burrows.

Hoop yourself to happiness

Stacey Elms-King explores the increasing popularity of hula hooping and the positive influences it can have on the mind and body.

Cleaning is cleansing

It’s time to eliminate the clutter that’s causing you stress. Erin Lyons discusses the major health benefits of Spring Cleaning.

Marriage anxiety

As equal rights reform crosses the globe, Australia is falling behind on the mental health benefits that come with marriage equality, writes Tara Watson.

Drinking irresponsibly

Being young doesn’t make you invincible when it comes to binge drinking, writes Timothy Arendshorst.