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Fairfax staff on strike over staff cuts

Staff from The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian Financial Review walked out of their office on Friday, Rachael Roberts & Deniz Uzgun report.

Where to for Fairfax journalism?

Naim Kurt speaks to journalists on strike at The Age and finds out how the recent redundancies will affect emerging journalists.

Fairfax Award for Rural Journalism

Applications for the JB Fairfax for Rural Journalism are now open for students looking to pursue a career in rural journalism.

There’s hope yet: Fairfax CEO

Journalism will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of newspapers, according to Fairfax CEO Greg Hywood, who gave a public lecture in Melbourne last night. And as Matt Smith reports, he’s quite confident in the industry’s future.

Keeping the media accountable

If you’ve ever secretly yearned to host Media Watch, asking the hard questions of editors, managing directors and CEO’s, then here’s your chance to rub shoulders with some of Australia’s media leaders.