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Putting a price on citizenship

The Australian government is exploring the option of selling citizenship to prospective immigrants. Tam Kendi looks at the possible effects.

The race to freedom

Sherydan Fitzgerald speaks candidly to a refugee who found the reality of seeking refuge was much different to what she was told.

Rhetoric on cue

The federal government’s new asylum seeker policy has reignited the debate from last year’s federal election. But as Erdem Koc explains, there’s one term in this debate which is both misleading and misinformed.

A boatload of hope

Refugees have fled life-threatening situations in hopes of being welcomed by fairer and freer countries like Australia. But is Australia really as fair as it likes to think? Beau Donelly talks to refugees, activists and politicians and asks the question, are ‘illegal’ asylum seekers really illegal at all?

Advance Australia Fair with a Turkish twist

Australia Day; it’s all about beaches, barbecues and beverages. But for Nisa Terzi, amongst all that green and gold, January 26 is also a day of Turkish delights.

Flying the flag

For some it’s a chance to celebrate who we are as a nation, while for others it is purely circled on the calendar as a public holiday. As Australia Day approaches, Sam Drummond argues that January 26 might just be more than another day off.