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Clinic to improve hangovers

Medical professionals have slammed the idea of a hangover clinic, but it may not be as harmful as first thought, writes Taylah Burrows.

Shaming overdose

Amy Winehouse, and most recently, Amanda Peterson, have been blamed for their fatal overdoses. Jessica Testa asks if this is misdirected.

No more hidden sugar in beer

An Australian brewery has announced plans to include nutritional information on all of its beer bottles, writes Kathleen O’Connor.

Last call

Life Education Australia is challenging you to lose the booze in October, writes Mandi Santic.

Time to tax the bottle

With alcohol-related costs doubling government revenue, Timothy Arendshorst explores whether it’s really worth it.

Drinking irresponsibly

Being young doesn’t make you invincible when it comes to binge drinking, writes Timothy Arendshorst.

Homer the great binge drinker

What if the answers to this generation’s behaviour lay in episodes of The Simpsons? With remote in hand, Sam Drummond takes stock of his life during the morning after the night before.

An Ocsober-ing thought …

Bree Ryan agreed to give up alcohol for a month, all in the name of a good cause or two. Yet with ten days of teetotalling still to go, she may not have toppled, but she can’t wait to tipple.