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News APlenty | Episode 2

Join us every Monday for a variety of segments on the latest news, entertainment and other hot topics.

The emoji-pocalypse

80 per cent of the population uses emojis. Lucille Sadek asks if it’s affecting our communication skills.

Real life Tinderella story

After last night’s premiere of The Bachelor, Taylah Burrows discusses how legitimate a relationship founded on the show could be.

Regional papers struggle to keep up

Kieran Balmaceda examines how the uncertain future of print news could affect local communities as the big outlets begin to downsize rural operations.

Love at first swipe

An increasing number of people are finding love on Tinder but chances are they will be too embarrassed to tell you, writes Joely Mitchell.

Downsides to the digital era

A perpetual state of information overload is having effects on our ability to decipher, process and store information, writes Kieran Balmaceda.

Bitcoin’s musical potential

Forms of crypto currency like Bitcoin have strong potential in the music industry, writes Meaghan Weiley.