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Rio 2016 – The Discriminatory Games

Gold and glory aside, this year’s Olympics in Rio saw media outlets riddled with sexist headlines and other journalistic blunders. One of the most notable examples

Gayle’s joke not a laughing matter

An empty, forced apology from Chris Gayle is no substitute for changing the imbalance of gender equality in sports reporting, writes Claire Varley.

For the love of the game

The Zelic name is synonymous with Australian football on the pitch. Now, it’s gaining momentum in football circles off the pitch, writes Marissa Lordanic.

Fox goes post-feminist

Megyn Kelly’s on-air defiance in the face of sexism from two guests is indicative of the greater societal push towards equality, writes Liam Quinn.

What women want

When it comes to women, sex doesn’t always sell. Rachel Wagner asks when advertisers will realise that one size doesn’t fit all.

Facebook feminism

Following the buzz surrounding Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg’s feminist manifesto ‘Lean In’, Tara Watson explores why the ideals of feminism are more important now than ever before.

The Lynx ads: Puerile but harmless?

The recent claims that Unilever are ‘hypocritical’ is an overstatement – they’re marketers, after all, writes Laura Hurley