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Andrews government review: part two

In the second part of upstart’s review, Ewa Staszewska speaks with politics lecturer Nicholas Barry about the Andrews government’s performance so far.

Andrews government review: part one

In part one of upstart’s Andrews government review, Susannah Woolley speaks with the Herald Sun’s James Campbell about the government’s progress.

The big risks of small loans

The relaxed eligibility and fast payments offered by loan services can be tempting for young people but there are hidden dangers, writes Kieran Balmaceda.

What the Netflix Tax means for you

Ethan Miller examines the changes to GST outlined in the 2015 federal budget and what they could mean for Australian consumers.

Higher education reforms still likely

A lack of discussion about higher education has left many feeling nervous ahead of the federal budget release on 12 May, writes Kieran Balmaceda.

Efficiently screwed

Campbell Elmer examines the extent and impact of one of the election promises broken in this year’s federal budget; cuts to the ABC and SBS.

Behind the budget curtain

Liam Quinn emerged from the federal budget lock-up adamant the supposedly archaic process has its place in Australian politics.

Dumb cuts

No ifs, no buts, no education cuts. Australian students are united in their fight to prevent education from becoming a commodity, writes Rachel Wagner.

A Parliamentary pause

A six week break from Parliament provides politicians and journalists alike a vital period to prepare for the campaign to come, says Eric George