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Understanding North Korea

When I received an email saying that I would be interviewing North Korean defector Thae Yong-ho within the next 20 hours, I panicked. Because besides

What is data mining?

Why data has become one of the world’s most valuable resources.

Explainer: Reporting on children

‘Sandy Hook’ renewed the privacy versus public interest debate that surrounds reporting on children, Sheridan Lee explains.

Explainer: The journalist and shield laws

One of the most basic principles of being a journalist is protecting the identity of confidential sources and the law is gradually changing to recognise this, explains Megan Clark.

Explainer: Reporting on suicides

Journalists need to strike a balance when reporting on suicides. Jordan Witte analyses the various guides to ethical and responsible trauma journalism.

Explainer: Defamation damages

Jess Lorenzetto explains what awaits journalists if successfully sued for defamation in Australian civil law.

Explainer: Viacom vs. Google lawsuit

The six-year legal battle between Viacom and YouTube over copyright breaches has the potential to impact significantly on journalism practices, explains Simone McInnes.