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The #teatox effect

It might have filled your Instagram feed but that doesn’t mean you should fill your tea cup, writes Tijan Biner.

Pedal power gains momentum

Ride2Work Day encouraged people to ditch the car seat for a bike seat, but Philippe Perez says our cities still aren’t bike friendly.

Too hot to handle?

It’s the new fitness craze, but is Bikram Yoga really good for your health? Jacinta Newbold finds out.

The global runner

A retired maths teacher’s passion for running has seen him cover the earth’s circumference four times, writes Erin Lyons.

When does exercising become an obsession?

Personal trainer and gym manager Dominic Szczepaniak speaks with Toli Papadopoulos about obsessions with image, spotting an addiction to exercise and maintaining a healthy fitness regime.

Keeping Fit

Thinking of new ways to get fit? Ryan Murphy checks out a bootcamp class at La Trobe University.