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Representing asylum seekers

The death of an asylum seeker in Western Australia received minimal media attention, writes Lindsey Martin.

Direct action to welcome asylum seekers

Welcome Home Asylum Seeker Picnics connects asylum seekers with Australian residents in an effort to promote empathy and mutual respect, writes Nat Kassel.

Supporting asylum seekers

Rameez Abdeen talks with Melburnians at a rally protesting Tony Abbott’s asylum seeker policy.

Australia Decides: Asylum Seekers

In our final Australia Decides info-graphic, Jake Stevens compares our would-be political masters on asylum seeker policy.

Footy finding asylum

Dana Affleck uses the AFL to provide a cultural introduction for asylum seekers and refugees. She tells Andrew Miller how the program helps new Australians feel at home.

Fear of the unknown

Isolated incidents should not lead to the criminalisation of all immigrants, writes Zainab Hussain Shihab.

Asylum seekers: facts and fiction

With recent changes to Australia’s immigration policies, Vivien Durant looks at the facts hidden behind the rhetoric surrounding asylum seekers.

Springing to action: Parliament’s back

Are there new issues in Canberra to be optimistic about, or are we going to see more of the same from our politicians during the spring sitting period, asks Tim Viney.

The Greens failed asylum seekers

The Greens’ demand for the perfect asylum seeker policy will cost the lives of refugees, writes Emil Jeyaratnam.

Is it too late for Gillard?

The High Court’s ruling on the issue of asylum seekers has undermined Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s authority. Samantha Afetian explores Gillard’s chances of reestablishing her power.