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Campbell Elmer

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Back off the burqa

Recent calls to ban the burqa are entirely unhelpful to building a cohesive, multicultural society, writes Campbell Elmer.

upstart’s Open Day fun

upstart radio held a live broadcast from La Trobe University’s Melbourne campus yesterday.

Universities unite for UniPollWatch

In an Australian-first, journalism schools from four Melbourne universities will participate in a joint exercise to cover the Victorian election, writes Campbell Elmer.

Australia should stay out of Gaza

Given our position in the international community, the best we can do about the Gaza conflict is to shake our heads and hope it all blows over, writes Campbell Elmer.

WrapUp episode seven

Join Campbell Elmer and Alice Piper for this season’s last episode of WrapUp, where they bring you their opinions and analysis of the news of the week.

Efficiently screwed

Campbell Elmer examines the extent and impact of one of the election promises broken in this year’s federal budget; cuts to the ABC and SBS.

The ‘Strayan invasion

Australia’s growing obsession with Eurovision is a symptom of our multiculturalism and lack of national identity, writes Campbell Elmer.

There’s no such thing as ‘safe sext’

Campbell Elmer speaks to Detective Leading Senior Constable Tracey Porter about how the digital era is simultaneously victimising and criminalising our most innocent.

Signing away our sovereignty

Campbell Elmer discusses investor-state dispute settlements in international trade agreements and how they can cause more harm than good.

WrapUp episode five

Join Campbell Elmer and Alice Piper for a short trip back through the news of the week.

WrapUp episode 4: WrapBack

Join Campbell Elmer and Alice Piper as they update you on the developments of past stories in this special edition of ‘WrapBack’.

WrapUp episode three

Join Campbell Elmer and Alice Piper for a short trip back through the news of the week.