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Melbourne WebFest

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Melbourne hosts its fourth annual WebFest

In addition to screening 55 web series, Melbourne Web Fest has also featured an industry development day with workshops and panel discussions. In partnership with

Melbourne WebFest 2015: Ninja Panda (AUS)

At some point in our lives we’ve all dreamed of being a superhero, although some of us won’t admit it. But as shown in the comedy web series, Ninja Panda, for some of us, being a hero doesn’t come naturally.

Melbourne WebFest 2015: Food For Thought (AUS)

Filmed in Melbourne, Food For Thought, is a comedy centred around five youths, meeting at a café and discussing their differing opinions on the trivial complexities of society.

Melbourne WebFest 2015: Idiot Box (AUS)

Have you ever wanted to just quit adulthood and go back to being a kid? Let’s face it, we all have, and now there’s a webseries that perfectly encapsulates that struggle.

Melbourne WebFest 2015: Kisses and Guns (ITA)

Italian producer, Luigi Forlai is the genius behind the world’s first social movie, a web series divided into 16 segments in which creators from across the globe can contribute.

Melbourne WebFest 2015: Altruman (AUS)

Created by Robin Geradts-Gill, Hannah Moon & Stephen Sholl, Altruman is a top-notch superhero – but on the home front he is struggling with family feuds, intimacy issues and career anxiety.

Melbourne WebFest 2015: Discrépance (FRA)

Created by Camille Chastrusse, Discrépance sees four friends in their early 20’s on vacation at a family cottage, where they discover hidden secrets that redefine who they are and what they mean to each other.

Melbourne WebFest 2015: The Katering Show (AUS)

The Katering Show is a comedy web series that follows the lives of celebrity chef, Kate McLennan, and her food intolerant friend, Kate McCartney, as they cook their way into the Food Culture Revolution.