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Barnaby Joyce citizenship in question

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce refers himself to the High Court after questioning his own citizenship after he received advice that he may be a New Zealand citizen.

Emojis for marriage equality

Prime Minister stands by plans for an expensive plebiscite while Labor backs a free vote in parliament as early as Tuesday, Caitlyn Leggett writes.

Celebrities have their say

Celebrities are getting involved in the newest marriage equality campaign. Joely Mitchell asks if they accurately represent the Australian voice.

Where are the women in politics?

With a lack of women in Australian politics, perhaps it is time for us to look at implementing quotas, writes Ewa Staszewska.

Higher education reforms still likely

A lack of discussion about higher education has left many feeling nervous ahead of the federal budget release on 12 May, writes Kieran Balmaceda.

Questionable methods

After watching the last week of Question Time, Adria De Fazio asks if anything has been learnt from Julia Gillard’s fall.

In the hallways of history

After a historic day in Parliament, Bridget Rollason reflects on the battle from inside the war rooms.

Into the lion’s den

Can Gai Brodtmann’s mission to restore question time to its former glory be successful, asks Sarah Wallace.

Behind the budget curtain

Liam Quinn emerged from the federal budget lock-up adamant the supposedly archaic process has its place in Australian politics.

A focus on scandal

Political scandals are an entertaining part of Australian politics and the media goes along for the ride, writes Toli Papadopoulos.