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Collingwood labelled ‘culturally ignorant’

Former Collingwood player Andrew Krakouer has defended teammate Héritier Lumumba after the release of the controversial new SBS series Fair Game. In the series, Lumumba

Stamping out Racism in the AFL

The 2016 AFL season was filled with excitement for fans, with a competitive home and away season culminating in one of the most exciting finals

The Final Score – Episode 4

Join the Final Score team as they review the Olympic Games and Australia’s performance. Rudi, Joel, Josh and Val also discuss the Eddie Betts racism

Black lives matter in Melbourne

The recent shootings of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minneapolis have triggered renewed protests in the Black Lives Matter movement. Earlier this

Music’s culture of appropriation

Is wearing a Native American warbonnet at a music festival a harmless fashion fad, or an offensive theft of culture? Meaghan Weiley explores.

The fight against online hate

Social media expert and anti-online hate advocate, Dr Andre Oboler, talks to Mandi Santic about combating online hate.

Suarez should walk alone

After an incredible rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone, Liverpool fans let themselves down by cheering for Luis Suarez last night, writes Liam Quinn.

Goodness, what a week

Extensive column inches and airtime has been dedicated to the AFL racism issues in the past week. Cartoonist Hayden Morris covers the issue from a different angle.